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Thursday, March 31

laundry room work

When we were wiring the electric to the new playroom we had to tear down some of the drywall in the laundry room to get to the fuse box.  Soooooo...that was a great excuse to paint that area!

It needed it anyway. Stupid flat contractor's paint was dirty. I had paint left over from the playroom so I just used that. Good thing I really like that color because now it's in 3 rooms.
Anyway, I really like how it's coming along but its not quite finished yet.
I did paint over those growth charts (yes. I wrote down the measurements.) I'm going to re-do them and really put the frames around them this time. For reals, I am. Well, Mark is. Really.
But see all those wires up there. Mark put the new drywall up but that's about all we've done. We haven't patched it yet because all our project time has been spent on the playroom.
(About the playroom. It's done. Except the decorating. The kids are playing in there for days now, but I would like to finish a little more decorating before I show you. ) 
I took everything out of the laundry room and tossed in our bedroom floor.

I love when you get to take everything out of a room.
Then when you put it back in you get to clean and re-organize and straighten!
I'm weird. I love that stuff.
My dream for the laundry is to actually move the Washer/dryer to the other end of the room.
And if we live here forever then maybe we will move it one day, but that's not happening for now.
But I would be happy for now if I could just get these two annoying things moved down out of sight.

It's the little things that just bug the crap out of me!
So take note when, if you build a house don't let them put the washer outlets
up too high.  I am replacing the shelf in here. It's too high for little shorty me, and I never use it to hang clothes on. For awhile I dreamed of having cabinets in here but until we move the washer dryer I think I am going to just install some different shelves. I hate those ugly wire shelves. But that's just me.  I will finish this laundry room sometime in April. Ha! And I will show when it's done.


Sandy said...

I love looking at home improvement projects. We're in the middle of a huge one ourselves! I'm not so much into the organization part though. I'm envious of that.

Also, I've seen MANY houses with the outlet for the washer and dryer at that level. I'm wondering if it may be a building code to put it that high?

Anonymous said...

Buy a new washer and dryer that are front loading and put them on the pedestals so they're taller.....just a thought.


Heather said...

I like how you think Lori! :) Wonder if Mark will....

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For this moment is your life."