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Wednesday, March 9

making capes

Since I was trying to do the batman party on a budget I brainstormed for awhile trying to come up with the best, easiest, fastest, cheapest way to make capes. (I can have it all, right?) 
I couldn't come up with anything so I broke down and bought some black fabric.
Brought it home and cut out the capes. After having to pay full price for the fabric (I would rather get things for free) I knew I had to cut the 'cape cost' down somehow. I was planning on cutting superhero symbols for the back of the capes onto sticky felt but that was like 3.50 a pack. I needed 2. Instead I pulled some old tee shirts from the closet and cut the symbol out of that (FREE!) and hot glued it on! Worked great!

Here comes the good part. As I was slicing and dicing tee shirts I realized that if you just cut the sleeves and front off of a tee it makes a cape! People! Cheap, Fun, Easy, Fast! <<<---You can have it all!
Goodwill is FULL of capes in all sizes for 1/2 price every 1st Saturday of the month!
Yay.....if your having a superhero party anytime soon.
Here's what I am blabbing about...

Use the fronts to cut out your superhero sign

Cut off the sleeves...

cut up both sides...

then you have this...

cut off the front....

tah dah! Capes!

Plus they already have the neck on them so no sewing
Velcro or strings on!

Then you can hot glue the superhero sign on.
I would recommend only hot gluing around the edges.
I think you would be able to see the hot glue swirls if you
did any in the middle.

You can add your superheros initial cut out of sparkle sticky foam.

Hope this helps!
Party on Superheros!


Anonymous said...

Does the collar portion you left on go around the child's neck? If so, these seems dangerous to me as a possible strangling hazard.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's any more of a strangulation hazard than any other child's cape you can buy for dress-up. Just supervise your kids while wearing them. I think it's an awesome idea!

Amanda said...

If you are really worried, you could cut the collar open and apply some velcro to either side that tares open easily.

Anna said...

Just an idea... I am having a superhero party for my kiddos this year, and I wanted to have capes to decorate as an activity. This idea is fantastic, so we tried it out tonight. (My son was completely enthralled.)

When I tried one on myself, it felt kind of heavy around the neck. (Not dangerous as a previous poster was concerned about. Lol! Just annoying.) I also didn't love the awkward drop-off at the shoulders. So instead of cutting along the shoulder seam, I made a curve from the outside edge of the shoulder seam to the front of the collar, then around to the other outside edge. Not sure if that makes any sense without pictures... But it feels much better supported and looks just a tiny bit nicer to me. We can't wait for our party! Thanks for this post!!

cj collins said...

Is the collar not made to go on and off the head?! Lol. And it stretches. Win win. I love this idea making my grandson a few! You could go to thrift store buy a Bateman or super man t shirt as well and bam.

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