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Tuesday, March 1


Sunday night Mark and I painted the play room after the kids went to bed.
He painted the ceiling, I painted the walls and then yesterday I did all the trimming out.
It is really easy to paint a room that has no carpet or moldings!

I.love.it. I can't say that enough. It's perfect.
I wanted something that would just 'fade' into the background and
let the play equipment by the highlight and this really works!

It is a shade of green that makes the word 'sea faom green' pop into my head.
We didn't really let them paint. They had a blast pretending!
Here's what I have now
It's kinda hard to really see the color in these pictures.
Blurry doesn't help either.
We had about a 1/2 gallon left over and since I loved it so much,
I painted the kids bathroom too!

It needed painting in the worst way.
We still had the contractor's flat brown paint on the walls
and it was dirrrrrrrty.

While I was painting the bathroom was a mess and
the boys did this to the bonus room

And I love this color in the bathroom too!
It looks so much larger in there....and clean!

Ahhh...the power of paint!
And here's where I was going to share the name of the color with you but darn your luck the can is upstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it! Ha. I'll get it for you later.

It is a crazy busy week around here
with Mark working late, softball practice, speech,
consignment sale drop off times, did you know
Wednesday is Dr. Suess's birFday! Yep.
And you know Kindergarteners, they use any ol' excuse
to party! More on that later this week.
Speaking of party, Mark gave me We agreed on a budgeted amount
to spend on Madd's party and I am trying my best to do it...
pictures to come!

Theses are our stories....


Amanda said...

I love it! makes the bathroom feel 'fresh'!

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