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Monday, March 28

Spring Break Week Two

Well, its been awhile.
I've lost my blogging mojo there for a little while.
I'm back now. I think.
Our last week of Spring Break was just as blissful as the first.
Cousins Halle and Chloe came to spend the night.
And this crappy picture was the only one I got.
They had taken showers and then I made them pink cupcakes.
To which no one wanted the cupcakes with the pink icing on them.
Except for me and Maddox. So I finished off the rest of that icing over the weekend!

We did lots of this on Spring Break...

and this...
and no getting up early!
Yay! Except when Chloe was here. Her and Emma got up at 6:45am.
But they were excited. So that's okay.
In other news, Emma had her first softball game on Saturday!

She's on the A's team this year.
I love to watch her play. It's so much fun....for her too!
Maddox is doing much better at soccer after that first practice.
The one where he cried the whole time.
He got over that.
On his first game he played the whole time.
He is not afraid to get in the middle and try to get the ball.
More pictures of his soccer later.....like...when I take some.
We kinda been having to split up to get them both where they need to be.
So I didn't get pictures like I wanted to.
I don't what we will do when Tanner gets old enough to play!

That's it for me today.
Scrapbook post tomorrow!

These are our stories.....

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