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Monday, May 9

handmade bulletin board

Hey all! Happy Monday!
I, personally, like my Mondays.
I hope all you moms had a fab Mother's Day.
Mine was super and I will share my gifts with you tomorrow.

Anyway, On to today's post!
I went to GW!!!
I know.
I got this large, chunky picture frame for $10.
And this bulletin board for $5

I tore the back off  and broke the picture loose.

I removed thelittle metal frame from the bulletin board
and cut it to fit in my new frame.
If you do this, you should use a razor blade to score
BOTH sides of your bulletin board.
I only scored the back of mine and when I went to snap
it apart this happened.

So I ended up with this.

I didn't mind too much because I knew I was covering it all with fabric.
My fabric was $6/ yard.
I used a staple gun to attach it around.

Then hot glue it all the way around the frame to make the
covered board stay put.

Before I did all that, I painted my frame.
First I painted it with some leftover Yellow paint,
then I covered that with white gloss so when I distressed it some of the yellow peeked through.

I love it.
It turned out just like the picture in my head.
I like when that happens.
Of course I put some of my favorite people and accessories on there!

Thanks for looking!

Have a great day!
I'll be back tomorrow.
It's laundry day here, and that includes ironing,
my least favorite chore. I am also finishing upTHIS project!

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