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Thursday, May 12

recent thrifting

I'm scrounging for a post today.
So I'm going to show you what I got
on some of my recent trips to GW and yardsales.
You're interested, right?

Mason Jars at yardsales. $14 total.

Metal hot dog sign.
GW for $1.99

Old kettle at yardsale was $3. She had $5 on it but
I didn't want to pay that much. "She" had lots that I
wanted but a little pricey.

Used bowling pin from GW
$1.99! I love this thing!
It has so much personality.
There was a whole bin full of them,
I almost bought them all for me one
for each of my friends that I knew would
'get it.' Which would be about....one friend.

2 antique framed flower prints.
Yardsale $5 for the set.
I debated, but I'm glad now that I got them.

Old books from a yardsale.
.50cents each.

And these things all came from GW.
Ranging from .99cents to 2.99.
I like them.
I know they are probably not real milk glass.
But most people don't know that....or care.
And there are two large wooden frames in the garage that I forgot about.
One from a yardsale for 2bucks and one from GW for $4.99. GW has figured us out on the picture frames people. It's best to get them on 1/2 price day, but they may not keep until then. I have been collecting brown wood frames to put above my shelf that is now finished and will hang above my church pew.
I'll show you when it is up!
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