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Monday, May 2

rose cake

I recently found this blog that I am now in love with called
I am baker.  She is baker alright. She is fantastic!
She makes all kinds of cakes and cookies and the best
part is it's calorie free to look and she gives great detailed tutorials!
What a sweetie.

So anyways, all of us want to be bakers try and follow her tutorials to make beautiful cakes that turn out crappy. NO not really. Well, sometimes they do. But sometimes they don't. Cake decorating takes practice and if I made all the practice cakes that I needed to get great at it....you'd have to roll me off this couch!
So I don't but I do want to.  I think I will just start making them and then giving them away to my friends, family and neighbors. (ugly and all).

I am baker, who also has another blog called I am mommy, made this beautiful rose cake.

If you read that post you will read her say that she was dreaming of this cake and how to make it.
I like cake decorating and baking, but I don't dream in cake. At least not yet anyway. But she does, so she dreams it and I shamelessly copy it.

She tells in her tutorial to use a 1M tip.
I wanted to bake that cake so I just started in full force.
(bad habit of mine)
I really did think I had that 1M tip, but I got ready to ice it and lo' and behold I didn't have that tip. So I used another one. Didn't work. My cake looked like it had little swirls on it instead of flowers.
No pictures of that swirl cake. But my mom and I ate it anyway.
(ugly cakes taste good too)
Sooooooo I bought that tip and tried it again!
 Here it is..(in pink)

Not bad. But I definitely want to try it again.

I sold it at the church bake sale.
If you are interested in baking cakes and cookies,
then you should check out I am baker
or her mommy blog called I am mommy.
She is seriously funny.

I know, I know you were expecting a yardsale post this morning.
I bought some Mason Jars and cool old books and already have the
jars on top of my cabinets and I was too lazy to climb up there, get them down,
take a picture, blah blah blah.
 So you got cake....calorie free!
Your welcome.  Ha!


Gracie said...

Bravo! I think this one turned out just as nicely as Amanda's...after all, you have to remember the photo equipment she has at her disposal. Ego lights and backdrops and a manual SLR digital camera can make things really pop. We weren't using all that equipment when we photographed ours, or I think they'd all look about the same! Well done. :)

Val said...

What a gorgeous cake!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."