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Wednesday, June 8

hallway shelf

It's done.
Finally I am posting it.
It's been done.
But it sat in the garage waiting for me to paint it.
Then it sat in house waiting for Mark to hang it.
It's been waiting. So have I.  It's just what I wanted when I saw this photo.
I have the bench, I even have a cute kid that same size!
But I did not have that gorgeous shelf.
Now before I show you mine, just know that I was trying
to not buy any wood so mine is not quite as long as this one.
But mine fits just fine on my wall.
And the wood we used was already in the garage.
Minus the crown molding. Crown makes Mark really flustered so we actually
had to buy it twice. Ooops.  So here it is my brand new shelf...

I'm not finished decorating it yet.
And Mark is going to kill me but I asked him to move it.....again.
It needs to be scouched down just a little tad.
We may have already drilled 18 holes trying to hang it.
Yes. 18. The thing is massive heavy and 4 feet long and
the first system (10 holes) that we got to hang it didn't hold it flush
to the wall, so take that down, fill holes, retouch paint and now these
new hooks are great but take 8 holes to hang for a total of 18......so far.

I tried to get the big chunky hooks but they didn't fit on mine.
So I took them back and got some other cute ones! and cheaper ones!
I like them just fine.

What do you think?
I'm loving it!


Elizabeth said...

LOVE it!! Great job! :)

amanda persinger said...

You know I love it! Now we just need to make you a cushion : )

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For this moment is your life."