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Wednesday, June 29

I {heart} summer

We have been having so much fun this summer.
Seriously, I think because Emma started school this year and we had to be responsible and on a schedule because 'they' said so, that now we are realizing summer is for relaxing and having fun. Honestly, before your oldest starts into the school system everyday is summer. For us, we did what we wanted. (mostly)
You know what I mean. Sleeping past 6am, no disturbing nap times to be in the car rider line, no annoying we need this and this and this by this date lists.

Now that we are FREE from schedules we have been sleeping in, like til 8:30!, unheard of around here, eating late dinners, staying up til 9pm (that's late for my kids), and just having so much fun!
I have really, genuinely been enjoying spending time with my kids and just having them with me instead of at school for hours.

No make up. Swimming pool hair. And I just took a walk/run around the hood with Emma on her bike.
I was so happy that Tanner Wanner liked his roasted,burnt marshmallow!
But then I realized he loved that he was eating off a stick!
That's all. No marshmallow love. That's 3 out of 3 kids that don't like marshmallows!
We've also been lightening bug catching.
What do you call it? Fireflys.
We always said lightening bug.
Poor bugs. Maddox holds them a little too tightly.
You know we've been swimming! All the time. Favorite activity.
Some days we wake up, put our suits on, and I say, "Where do you wanna swim today?"
Lately it's been grandmas.

And now on to other summer goodness...
Guess what???? My garden is huge!
We love it. We're all so proud of it.
As if we made it all grow ourselves.
Everyone that comes over gets dragged down to the garden to stare at our vegetables.
Here, I'll show you ...

Today, there was a little RED tomato!
 But there are lots more green ones.


Squash. Almost ready to eat.

That's it for us today.
Oh, wait. Yesterday we went to Kmart to get our $11 dollar urns!
Melissa told us about them weeks ago and they are still on sale.
They are plastic-ey. But they are big and once you fill them they are sturdy.

Okay, now that's it for us.
Have a great summer day friends!

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amanda persinger said...

OMG....i want that squash!!! figures, the "one" thing we plant it dosen't even produce until next year! lol!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."