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Tuesday, June 7


We've been swimming.
Of course, you knew that. It's H.O. T. people.
We got in the car the other day and Emma read the outside temp of 96 and I said, "yeah, that's..." to which she says, " dangerous."  Another funny before I forget it. I was talking to Emma about not touching things that are not hers..blah, blah and when I finished Maddox says," Yeah, that was my point!" Ha!

Anyway, My kids love the pools at the YMCA but we did not go there at all last year because Tanner was so small and I didn't want to dump him in the nursery for 2 hours while we swam. So we stayed at Grandma's pool all summer. This year we tried it again, and it was great.  I love the zero entry for Tanner...
and he does too. Not to mention the frog slide! Tanner went down it by himself. I caught him at the bottom of course but he loved it.  I may have to take the ball pit slide back over to grandmas pool for him to use.
Emma took the swim test and passed. You have to swim the length of the adult pool to get a wirstband that will allow you to go down the 'big' water slide. She was really proud of herself. She down that slide over and over.

See how she has her tongue pushing on that bottom tooth? It is major loose but she thinks all her teeth are just going to fall out without any pulling. It's her first one. I'll let you know what happens.
Maddy Cakes had a good time too and was a super good boy. Staying close to me where I could see him. He took some toys to play with and also loved the frog slide.  It is a little harder to keep up with them all at a public pool full of little wet heads instead of at grandma's when we are usually there alone.

I've resorted to just letting Tanner swim in his swim diaper most of the time instead actually putting trunks on him. Little skinny thing really needs 12 month trunks instead of 18months (which we have a drawer full) and I'm not about paying for some 12 month shorts for a 20 month old kid. So he's swims like this. He doesn't seem to mind.

There's the frog slide.
So that's our summer so far.
Been swimming yet?
It's what we love most.
We are going to squeeze in some free movies,
pump it up playtimes, free bowling, and VBS!

...this is our life
"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."