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Thursday, July 21

Carlos Bakery

It's in Hoboken, NJ.
Very pretty area.
Carlos Bakery is the home of the TLC show Cake Boss.
You know, Buddy?
Yeah. I love him.
I ordered him but they told me he wasn't there.
We saw his delivery truck in the back alley behind the store.

This is the only way you are allowed to stand in front of the store.
 I guess they have to keep the sidewalks passable,
so Carlos Bakery has set a barricade up that you have to stand
behind unless you are taking a picture.
If you want to wait in line to get in and order then you wait down the
for 3 hours.
Yeah. There is a guy that works for the bakery
operating crowd control on this side and handing out
serving numbers.  It really took us 3 hours to get in.
This line was moving really slow.
This used to be called 'Washington Street'.

Even though we didn't get to see Buddy,
we did get to see his sister.
She was taking pictures with everyone coming
in the door and
being friendly with the crowd.
She was really sweet.
I have no idea what her name is.

Once you get in it's a tight squeeze.
You wait for your number to be called
and then you need to know what you want.

There is LOTS to choose from.

Mark wanted a slice of cheesecake,
but the lady said you have to buy the whole thing.
I hate cheesecake and Mark didn't want to eat the whole
thing (so he said) or bring it all the way back home so he passed.

I wanted this thing!
 or this!
There were lots of cakes!

I'm getting hungry writing this!
So we ordered 2 cupcakes
4 chocolate chip cookies
1 cannoli
1 lobster tail
and 2 other do-hickeys.
(I don't know. They were Marks)
Then they package it all up nice and cute for you!

We walked to the nearby park and ate our cupcakes.

And we tasted the cannoli and the lobster tail.
Finally the part you want to know.
Was it good?
Sorry if I disappoint you but
no. not delicious.
The cupcake icing taste like it was from a can.
The cannoli was better than the lobster tail,
but it was really rich.
It's not something I will crave and want to stand in line
again for. It was a fun experience.
So now I can say we have been there,
done that,
got the tee shirt.

I did.
Get the shirt.
Goodies from Cake Boss = $18.00
Carlos Bakery trip with my hubby = priceless

....these are our memories

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