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Tuesday, July 19

very important stuff

I got nothing for you.
I haven't done a thing around my house lately.
The section of the laundry room still hasn't been painted. Four months later.
It's behind the door.
So I don't look at it much.

I still haven't recovered my chairs.
Really want to get that done.
But I'm scared to sew seeing as I don't know how.
And Emma's window seat is still sitting in the garage.
Not in her room.
It sounds like we have done nothing but that's not true.
We have done the important things.

We played at the lake.

Ate ice cream

Ran in the sprinkler.
Lawn sprinkler that is.

Played in the rain!
my favorite...well, their favorite.
They stayed out there for a long time.
Running,dancing, laying in puddles, screaming and laughing.
It was delightful.

Much more important than styling a hallway shelf,
or making new shelves for the laundry room.
All that can wait till fall.
And until then I may or may not have a whole lot to say around here!

Oh and by the way, speaking of saying things on here.
This is my blog.
My own personal opinions of anything I want to talk about.
It's my sense of humor.
my stories the way I see them.
And if you don't like it,
don't read it.
If you want to say what you think,
get your own blog.
I'm not being ugly.
I've never once tried to say something mean about anyone
on here and if you take it that way then you
don't know me very well.

Let's leave on  good note.
I also cleaned out the junk drawer.

.....this is our life.


amanda persinger said...

Well, as a matter of fact, I "have" my own blog thank you very much! lol! I love your blog and love what you say.... I actually READ it! ; )

ryntrace said...

I look forward to your updates! I will say that I TOO have my own blog.....I just haven't written anything on it yet!! :)
And I agree......all that can wait for fall, when we can help each other!!! ;)

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."