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Tuesday, August 2

found goodies!

Here's some more of the things that I have dug out of Mark's grandpa's house.
Beach picture for the kids bath.

I painted and of course distressed the frame.
It was just brown and stood out in here like a sore thumb.
Mark thinks that his aunt bought it in Virginia.
It's fun to have things around that have a little story with them.

I also found lots of old pieces of luggage.
I brought these two in for the t.v. armoire.

Mark pulled this old wood door out of the shed for me!
Yay! I love it.

And lastly I got a tall 6 drawer dresser.
Which is not beatiful, but very useful!

It is solid wood and sturdy.
I cleaned it up.
Added dryer sheets to all the drawers and
I am moving it to Tanner's closet for now.
It's going to be great storage.

That's it for me friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

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amanda persinger said...

OMG!! i LOVE that door!!

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For this moment is your life."