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Wednesday, August 17

phone service please

At home we do this disgusting thing where all put our own or
each others feet up (depending on how
limber you are) to our ears and pretend we are talking on the phone.
You've done that before, right?
Anyway, the kids think its hilarious so we encourage it.
One day in the car, I hear Tanner saying,
"beep, beep, beep"
I look back and find him talking on his phone!
So funny.
The "beep, beep" was him dialing!
We have to do something in the car rider line.

This next picture is so funny.
He looks like he is holding his ear so that he can hear the person on the line!
Ha Ha. I'm sure he's seen me doing that a few thousand times  once or twice.
(It's noisy around here!)
And yes, there is a huge yogurt stain on his carseat.
I know. It's been there...awhile.
I'll get it later.

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amanda persinger said...

LOL!! too cute!!

amanda persinger said...

LOL!! too cute!!

Amanda said...

absolutely hystericaql!!! I needed that today!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."