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Monday, August 15

softball season

Fall Ball is in full swing!
I love it.
Emma loves it.
Maddox and Tanner love the snacks.

It keeps them busy.
And close by.

Emma is on the Pirates team this year.
She's a really good hitter.

I wanted her to be #8 because she has for 2 seasons been #8.
She said she wanted to be #1.
Guess what?
She's #1. #8 was already taken by the time we got there.
She was so happy.

She has picked up some speed this season.
She loves to bat and run bases, of course.
She gets bored in the outfield.
And she loves playing in field.
She says she wants to play pitcher and 1st base.
She always plays short stop or 2nd base.
She's does great at short stop.

Before Saturdays game, it rained.
And you can guess what Tanner and Maddox did.
At one point they were sitting in this mud puddle.

Tonight Emma got the game ball!!
She hit it to the grass.

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amanda persinger said...

How fun!!! You know we "love" baseball ; ) We signed Avery up for soccor...i can't wait to see her out there!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."