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Thursday, August 25

Tanner's been hitting

Wonder where he learned that from?
And then, he puts himself in timeout.
That's him sitting on the naughty seat.
Usually the hitting is unprovoked.
He just gets a little idea in his head and finds someone
to beat up on. He will walk around with his arm
 cocked back as if he's going to really give
it to one of us.  Usually Maddox is the target.
But I'm a close second.
This next picture is a little blurry, but SO hilarious!

I can't stop laughing from that.
Look at Maddox starting to yell before Tanner
even hits him. (not to mention standing there
waiting to be hit!)
Sometimes he wants me to tell him to go to timeout
but mostly he goes over and sits down on
his own.
He doesn't want me to take his picture and show
 the whole world that he's been naughty.
Almost 2.

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