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Monday, August 29

today is monday

Did you have a great weekend?
Me too!
I love those weekends!
Mark's home. Extra playtime with the kids.
A little project here or there. Don't have to take the kids on errands.
Lazy evenings instead of the chaos that is usually our dinner/daddy better get home fast evenings.

We are back to Monday.
I really don't mind that either.
I like Mondays.
Mark goes back to work.
Kids go to school.
I go to the gym.
Yes! I do like Mondays.

I got a package in the mail this morning.
Tanner loved it.
The box, that is.
I was excited about what was inside.
I'm getting excited.
"Cake or cupcakes?" I asked Mark.
"Cake."  He said. That's good. I like making cakes.
But I think I will have one cupcake just for birthday boy.

Today, I'm scrappin.
I just lugged all my stuff to the dinning room table.

Works for me.
I think I'll probably keep it here for the week.
My friends ditched me on a scrap night this past weekend.
(thanks friends) No. I kid. I know they had stuff to do. Ahem.
But if you're reading this friends then come on over this week!
I got one page done already this morning with Tanner toddling around here.

Lots more to come...

Be back tomorrow to show
you what I got at the flea marrrrrrket!!
Love that place!
Ta - Ta

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