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Thursday, September 15

dinner time

Dinner time is hard around here.
First of all, I don't like cooking dinner.
I never know what we are going to have until the
kids are in there screaming for food and at this point
in the day I.am.tired. and ready for back up but Mark
doesn't usually get home until I'm putting it on the table.
Occasionally I get so frustrated that I say this.has.to.stop.
Or I will lose my mind. So I sit down and make out a months
menu. I always bring along the calender so that I have
softball, soccer, work etc. schedules on hand.
Making a menu works out pretty well. So why don't I keep
doing it? It really needs to become a habit. Of course it hasn't.

I read on another blog, that if there is a part of your day that is
constantly not working for your family then sit down and figure out
why and change it for the better. Waiting until dinner time to figure
out what to eat does not work for us. We don't eat out alot for dinner.
We have kids ages 2,4,and 6. They waste food and (most of the time)
are too rambunctious for Mark and I to  enjoy our meal.
Eating out would mean I would have to meet Mark at the restaurant
with the kids and it would end up being too late. They would be really
hungry. Hungry equals crazy behavior.

I have always said that if I could hire one
person it would be a chef. seriously.
Sometimes I get discouraged because
I don't have the courage and time to venture
out and try new recipes so I end up making the
same things month after month. blah.
Anyway hiring someone is just ridiculous and
will never happen.

Usually Tanner wants me to hold him. I can't. I'm cooking. The kids
are arguing about which t.v. show to watch and I have had it.
I'm trying to cook people!

So here we go, starting new.
I will make a menu every month.
I will make a menu every month.
I will make a menu every month.
There. Wonder if that will work?
I'm really going to try.

Last night I switched off the t.v. and
pulled out the puzzles for Emma...

grabbed the matching game for me and Maddox to play while I'm cooking
(He beat me) And dragged T's highchair in the middle of the kitchen
and let him eat cheerios with a wooden spoon out of a skillet.

Whatever works, right?

If you are still reading this rant about our dinnertime,
God bless you. That was long.
I made some crafts last week but I still haven't hung them up
so I will show you when I do.

Have a wonderful day!


amanda persinger said...

FREEZER MEALS! That's what I'm talking about....it will solve our problems! : )

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