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Monday, September 5

Monday at home

We're all here today.
It's been raining for two day.
I enjoyed it yesterday.
Made for a nice Sunday evening.
But all.day.today. is a little much.
With the rain came cooler temps. and
it's so nice. Got the a/c turned off and the
windows up! I love it.

Here's what we've been up to today...

Lots of playing in our bedroom.
They have their own bedrooms.
And a bonus room and
a playroom. But they love our bedroom!
Probably because we don't have much furniture
in there leaving lots of running, flipping, jumping space.
Fine by me.
Except when they mess up my bed that's already been made.

We did some school and art.
I was so proud of Maddox.
He did a lot of math/number sheets!

The Dr. Suess party is taking up all my brain space lately.
Emma helped me work on some things today.

Of course, no day at home is complete without lots of t.v. watching on the couch.
By the way, Madd has strep. (we think)
He has a fever and sore throat.
And now a rash! I hate when my kids have a rash!
It makes me paranoid.
Anyway, a doctor friend called us in some meds so we are
hopefully on the road to school on wednesday!! healing.



 Though this has a been a good day
together as a family sometimes staying in
all day will make you feel like this...


Have a great Labor Day everyone!
I'll be back tomorrow to show you
my new layouts!
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