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Tuesday, September 13

Pickett...round 2

Here are the last of the camping pictures I wanted to share.

This is inside Hazard Cave.

Or Hazardous Cave as Steven said he used to call it.
(and with good reason) It's actually not that dangerous,
unless your an almost 2 year old. Ahem
All the kids always have to climb way back in the cave
on top of all these huge rocks. And it's sandy in there.
So I'm a wreck when they get up there thinking they are
going to slide off. Not to be outdone, Tanner had to also
climb a rock.

See him looking up? He's watching the other kids that are all higher and further in the cave!

He played with his dump truck alot.
See the baby backpack?
See the defiant, stubborn, do-it-myself almost 2yr old baby NOT IN the baby backpack?
He cried. He screamed.
He did.not.want. to get in that thing.

We didn't mean to laugh, and we didn't laugh much but
it was for his own good. It wasn't safe for him to walk.

If you rent a canoe, you can paddle right through that little opening
and around to the dam.

I could make a whole post with pictures of these two together.
Here's Tammy in the mud.
It was her favorite part of the weekend.

(sorry about the blurry pics)
The campfire.
One of the top reasons Madd wanted to camp.

It was all over on Sunday.
But some of us were not ready to leave.

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Amanda said...

Love it! that's a hysterical picture of T in the backpack!!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."