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Thursday, September 1

Stuff this week...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.
I haven't been a great picture taker lately.
But I did sneak a few.

I got this cute little pink lamp at GW
(brand new from Target) for Emma's room.

And since then she has been writting.
All the time.
I found this on her desk.
It better be about sewing!

But I fear it is not.
But I do suspect that it is about her daddy.
And that makes me smile.
Soccer practice started up again for Maddox!
We love soccer and he's really good at it
so I hope that he sticks with it.

Mark got a new job!
Yay! We are excited.
He brought home everything personal from
his office on Wednesday. This was all of it.
After nine years.

Tanner has always loved to read.
He will not lay down for naps or
at bedtime until you have read to him.
He loves looking through his books by himself
or he will bring one to Emma to read to him.
Now he has found Easy Street. Maddox loved this
book too. Tanner wants to read it over and over.
He loves the pictures of the dump trucks and other construction vehicles.
And lastly, here's me with hardly no makeup on.

Happy Thursday!
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