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Monday, September 19

Tanner's Dr. Suess Party

Wow! This party was so fun to plan and with all that I did, I still
wish I had added a few extra touches. I was trying not to
spend a billion dollars and still make it cute.
I made the cake myself.
It's my first topsy-turvy. I think it turned out pretty
darn cute! I didn't get a photo of the inside but it
was red/white/red/white layers to mimic Cat's Hat.

Tanner's Thing2 shirt can be ordered  HERE.
They also have Thing1.
There are also a lot of super cute
handmade Suess shirts on Etsy.

I cannot find the specific shop on Etsy where I
ordered these straws, but here is a link to more than you could want!

Printable water bottle labels, our invitation and Hershey bar labels all from Etsy.

Here's the little 'thank you' gift table.
Hershey bars, suckers, and toothbrushes!
The sign reads,
"Lots of candy may seem dandy
But our teeth come in handy when we want to smile.
Take a toothbrush and brush real good
So you can keep your teeth around for awhile!"

The little travel toothbrushes are .97cents at Wal-mart.

This table was for the birthday signing book
and the guessing game.
I got this super cute book at Books A Million,
Happy Birthday Baby!
they also carry Happy Birthday to You!
We used it to have everyone sign a little message for Tanner!

The sign reads,
"Wait! Stop here you see
And write a very special message to me
On the front the back or any pages,
It's something I'll treasure for all my ages!"
Signed, Mayor Tanner

I filled a fish bowl look alike jar (candle holder from the Dollar Tree)
with Sweedish fish and had all the party guest guess how many fish
were in the jar.

That little sign said,
"One fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!
How many, many fish there are!
Can you guess the number in this jar?
If you're lucky, you could take them home in your car!"

My friend let me borrow lots of Suess characters!

Hershey bar wrappers

These little fish bowls are also just $1 candle holders from the Dollar Tree.
I downloaded Suess Font for free awhile back.
Just google for it.

No Dr. Suess party is complete without...
Green Eggs and Ham (sliders).

We played Fox in Socks!
The kids stacked boxes while wearing
socks on their hands. They loved it!
Go figure. Tanner kept knocking all the boxes
over and then he wouldn't take the socks off
his hands. 

I also wrote rhyming words on Cat's Hat cutouts,
hung them all over the downstairs and had the kids go find
word pairs that rhyme. Well, that's what we would have
done, but the kids played outside instead! Emma had
fun doing it by herself when everyone had gone!

The party was super fun!
I'm sad it's over.
Now, on to Halloween!
I will post photo booth pictures tomorrow!

P.S. All the banners, signs, extra's from this party
will be for sale as a 'Party in a Box' later this week.
Contact me if you are interested. metzgar36@tds.net
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Amanda said...

WOW! those are fabulous pictures of a more fabulous party!!! You HAVE to become a PP when Thing 2 goes into school! LOL :D

Alisha said...

What an amazing party!!! I want a Dr. Suess party!

Stanley Workman said...


"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."