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Saturday, October 22

Fall Decorating

I am finally posting my fall decor.
I think I did more last year.
It's been hot (not complaining) here which
has made it harder for me to think about pumpkins and such.
I did have the mums out for Tanner's party.
I just dragged the pumpkins out from under the house.
Which was a very funny sight unless you're me.

I made these leaf banners last year.

I wrote this post last week or the one before that..
Anyway, now that I am finally getting around to posting it
I wanted to show the *new pitures.
I added somethings and I bought some of that spiderweb from
Dollar General. I always liked the look of it but
could never get the hang of how to put it up.
Mine is far from perfect.
Once I started hanging it I couldn't stop.
I love it.
What do you think?

I made these last year.
Very easy .
Glass jars and paint.

I got this banner for $1 Halloween Clearance last year.

And more webs..
I love these on the bookshelf.

Hope no one needs a blanket before Halloween!
Okay. Enough.
I went a little crazy.
But it was fun.


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amanda persinger said...

I love it! and love your scale in your tray! I forgot about your jars-I need to make some.

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."