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Wednesday, October 26

masking tape road

Another pinterest idea put to use!
I made this with the kids after school on .....monday?
Today is now Thursday and the bonus room still looks like this.
Anyone that comes over will tell you that we usually do
not have toys in the bonus room. But they loved it!
And the toys are still there.
But they are making me twitch a little.

I thought it was mostly going to be for the boys.
But even Emma loved it!

It's just masking tape.
$1.50 worth of fun.
Take it up and make a new one!
Fun fun!


amanda persinger said...

so glad to see your putting all that time pinning to use ; ) lol!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

awesome. where is my masking tape? my boys would love this. :)

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