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Wednesday, November 23

Christmas -y stuff

I saw this idea on Pinterest.
Wrap your upside down tomato cage with lights.
I used globs of hot glue to make my cage stay put.
Then I wrapped my in burlap.
But I'm not sure if I'll keep it that way.
Can't decidee if I like it.
What do you think?
I still need to buy more lights for the other.

I did most of my outside decorations last week on a warm day.
Yesterday, I put up the 'red' tree.
(Actually it took me 3 days. We had stored it under the house and it smelled musky.
So I sprayed the whole thing over and over with Lysol and left it by the
open window. Don't store it under your house.)
It's our main tree downstairs.
The one Santa visits.
This is one of my most favorite decorations.
I need lots more. I don't have near enough for the size of this tree.

They are plastic icicles.
My mom and I got them YEARS ago at (I think) the Dollar General Store.
They add just the right sparkly to the tree.
If you find some, get them!
You will love them!
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Amanda said...

I think single color christmas balls wuld add to your burlap trees. I used to have some of those icicles too!

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