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Monday, November 21

our weekend

We started the weekend off right!
And early.
I picked the kids up early from school and went to see the Rockettes show with our friends!
(Maddox was with us, but refused to take a picture.)

The weather on Saturday was so nice.
We had no plans!! I like those Saturdays.
I cleaned out my van and Mark's car.

The kids played outside all day with the neighbors.

Mark installed two reading lights in our bedroom!
They look so pretty.
I'll show you the before and after when I can get a good picture.
It's rainy and cloudy today.

Let's see.
What else?
Oh, yes. I started putting up the Christmas stuff.
Mostly just the outside things since it was a warm day.

Emma wore this wig all weekend.

Maddox snuck in the house several times to eat the icing off of the cupcakes.
I even found (almost stepped on) a de-iced cupcake by the back door!
Speaking of boys...
Last but not least I found the colander in the bathroom.

Don't ask.
It's always interesting over here.

Did you have a great weekend?

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