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Saturday, December 31

Christmas 2011

This was our tree after Santa came on Christmas Eve.
I love being Santa.

Not to just my own kids, but others as well.
It is so fun to give.

Maddox came down at 3:00am because he wet his bed.
I thought we were in for trouble, but apparently he didn't even
look over at the tree when he came down the stairs. He slept the rest
of the morning with us. Emma came running down at 7am, jumping on Mark (score!)
and yelling, "Santa came! We got scooters! Get up!"
Maddox shot out of the bed like a rocket!
Mark went up to wake up Tanner.
And THEN we opened!

The big gifts were scooter, figit friend, American Girl (knockoff from Target), Lego set for Tanner, Bey Blades, Bakugans, and a new backpack/lunchbox and a Wii!!

We rushed out the door to church.
Came back to play a little , clean up a little, cook a little,
and then off to Ray and Di's to celebrate with the family.
All the girls had their figit friends!
Tanner got a really cool race track, and magna tiles.
Madd got a Lego set, basket ball goal, and dress up knight set.
Emma got drawing books, swimming dog, and doodle bear.

It was a great Christmas!!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!
Happy New Year my friends.
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