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Tuesday, December 13

Christmas Lights and Santa Claus

Friday night we took the kids to our favorite drive thru
Christmas Light display.
It was part of the advent calender activities.
They enjoyed as always.
There is a giant size mailbox where you put your letters to Santa,
 and a dancing Frosty.
The best part is the Santa Claus at the end.
This year I wrote their names on a piece of paper
and hung it out the window so when Santa knew their
names they were amazed!
It was great.
Santa said things like, "Emma you have grown so much since last year."
"Maddox you have been a really good boy this year!"

The kids loved it.
The next day I heard Emma tell Maddox,
"I think that was the real Santa because he knew our names and
that really impressed me."

Merry Christmas!
12 more days!
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