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Saturday, December 24

Christmas Trees

It's Christmas Eve.
But I still wanted to post how my trees came out this year.

The candy tree is my new tree this year.
I got this one on sale last year after Christmas for $10.
It didn't get really decorated until 2 days ago.
When all Christmas ornaments went 70% off.

I really love this tree!

You gotta love that tree topper!
It's my favorite!
Here's some of my favorite ornaments on this tree.
Though I do love them all.

I saw a candy tree at someones house probably 5 years and fell in love.
Now I have my own.

Next is our 'main tree'. The one Santa visits.
It's our 'red' tree. I love it too.
I found that ribbon this year at JoAnn's sale.
And I.adore.it.
Most of the ornaments on this tree are country-ish, quilted, antiqued and natural.

On our honeymoon.....
I love this picture.
(wish I still looked like that!)

And lastly, our tree in the bonus room.
Which just gained an identity this year.
The 'blue and silver' tree.
I add the balls and the silver ribbon new this year.
My aunt Judy gave me lots of Hallmark ornaments.
I pulled out all the Santa's she gave us and hung them on this tree.

This is the tree for all those adorable handmade ornaments.

And that's all of our trees.
Oh, shoot! I forgot Emma's pink tree.
It is uber cute. She wrapped her pink boa around it, the no-sew heart banner, and
then she put one of her big pink hair bows on top! It's adorable.

Merry Christmas my friends!
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