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Sunday, December 4

elves, parades, and other christmas goodness

Our elf has been naughty.
It's so fun, isn't it?
There he is up on the frame with the empty roll!
Tanner kept shaking his finger at him and saying,
"no, no, no!"

The next day called for some relaxing in a nice cozy marshmallow bubble bath.
Saturday Mark took the kids to the Christmas Parade while I was at work.

Tanner has kept that Curious George monkey close by him!
Friday Maddox had his Christmas Musical at school and it was SO very cute.
With him I never know what I may get. Sweet compliance or utter Defiance.
He was sweet. whew! It was adorable and I cried. Just a little to see my baby (and all those other precious little ones) up there singing for Jesus.
This picture is special to me because it's the first time that Tanner put his arm around Madd first.
I said, let's get a picture with bubba and he walked over, put his little arm around his bubba and said cheese! It was so cute and that's not just because I'm his mother. Ha!

I, of course, took lots of video of all this cute singing.
I wanted to share this one.
Maddox really gets into the Going to tell it on the Mountain!
(it's not working for me and it's after 10pm, I'll try later. sorry.)

Nana got to be here with us!
Oh, how I love my mom.
Golly, I wish like heck I would have realized the hard work and effort she put in to raising us.
And now she is a wonderful nana to my babies.
They love her. Lots.

And lastly,

THIS method of hiding gifts won't work for much longer.
hee hee.

The kids are back to school and
Tanner and I are off to look for Wii games!
woo hoo.
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