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Sunday, December 11

The diary of a beautiful girl...

I read Emma's diary.
Not really her diary.
It's her...well, it is a diary.
But it's not private.
She just uses it as a notebook.
She even took it to school when I kept
forgetting to replace her journal.
oops. I got that taken care of now.

Anyway, I flipped the pages and it was so cute and sweet.
I love her little drawings and stories.
I remember looking at some of my friend Tracey's little girls work when she
was in 1st grade (now in 2nd) and I just kept thinking how precious it all was.
And now Emma, in 1st grade, creates the same kind of things.
I love it.
Kids are so amazing and real.
Here's what I found:

I am so excited because we are going to the Christmas Parade
and right now Maddox is trying to drive his self.

I love you when you teach me Bible Verses and the Holy Bible.
This girl has a heart of gold!
Precious baby.

and that is the Diary of a beautiful girl.

Would you read your kids diary?
Like the real one?
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