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Monday, January 23

Random stuff

Emma got the reading award at school on Friday.
Gooooo Emma!!
I am so proud of her!
This time they called her name first so she had to
stand up there in front of everyone while the other kids
got their awards, so she had to stand there longer, haha she didn't
like that.

Tanner watching t.v. in the van.
I love those built in DVD players.
At first we used them alot.
And now only occasionally to calm a fit throwing, crying, pouty child.
Or sometimes for Madd after school, waiting in the car rider line for Emma is
a hard time for him. He's tired from school, ready to be home, and it
 doesn't help that I ask him a million questions about his day.
So he watches t.v.

I thought this picture was funny.
They have been doing it more lately.
I knew I wasn't the only one that wanted bunk beds in here!

This table has been in E's room.
We brought it down for the art party and never took it back.
I tucked it in a corner of the dining room and the kids
have been using it alot.
Now I have her a new desk.
From GW.
I am working on painting it.
It will be ready in about 2 days.
Tanner loves to pretend he is a dog. (?)
And anytime the laundry basket is out, that's his house. (?)
He can stay under there for a good while.

Tanner left the house like this today.

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"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."