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Thursday, January 19

Today is Thursday

I am already ready for the weekend.
I was ready yesterday.
Sunday will be 60 degrees here and I am painting!
I bought a cute desk for Emma's room at Goodwill pre Art Party
and it has no attention. I am dying to paint it. Put it in there. Get the Lego Friends sets off my dining room table. Then go the flea market and find an awesome, cute chair that is already beautiful and needs no work for a steal of a deal.
We'll see.
It could happen.

Can you believe that I put myself out there with Studio 206.
Me either. Kind of nervous that I may fall on my face.
I am scared of disappointing people. But praying that won't happen.
I'm out there. Good thing the house payment doesn't depend on it!

I posted on my facebook page that I was staying home today.
I didn't.
My mom left this morning and we (the boys and I ) needed to get out.
Maddox really needed a haircut.
I wanted to go to GW.
And Tanner wanted to go the library.
We got the haircut and went to the library.
I will go to GW later. By myself.

My mom can keep them busy for hours.

Maddox is turning 5 in 6 weeks.
Good grief. I don't want that to happen.
I love age 4. Probably because I am SO glad to get him out of age 3.
He was a challenging little 3.
But now. 5. I don't like it one bit.
I do like to party. We all know that.
He is going to have a Shark party.
He is obsessed with sharks and diving.
I'm going to start working on it now.

That's it for me.
I'm in the playroom typing.
Tanner is being a dog and fetching a wooden scrabble letter holder thingy as his stick.
He wants me to keep throwing it for him.
Maddox is some kind of spy/scuba diver surrounded by shark water and I (on the boat chair) am apparently some kind of bad guy that he is spying on.
But diaper duty calls!

Have a wonderful day!
Hang in there.
Tomorrow is Friday.

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