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Tuesday, February 28

flea market finds....other stuff

One of my Amanda friends and I went back (after a few months)
to the flea market on Friday.
We froze to death.
But it was fun anyway.
I found these 3 wash boards.

They will go in the laundry room.
I'm going to paint the small one on the right.

We also scored big on these old panels.
We were digging through them getting excited and then realized we
better see how much they are first.

Only $5 each.
They one in the back was our my favorite.
We fought over it.
It will fit perfectly over my back door.
And the white one is for my laundry room.

Look how cute these plates are for Madd's Shark Party.
I love them.
I cut the fins out of posterboard,
colored them gray and hot glued them
on the plastic plates.
I made them 4 days early.
Hmmm...they don't stack well.

Is it just my kids or do your kids eat constantly, too?
Good grief.

The weather is so nice today!
I love it.
The boys have been playing out back.

In the dirt.
Do you let your kids play in the dirt?
Who cares, right?
Let em' play!
With boys, I don't know how you keep
them out of the dirt.

Then they ate lunch on the deck.

Happy Tuesday!
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amanda persinger said...

I am loving all those wash boards....AND loving that pannel you stole from me ; ) That's alright... I won't be as nice next time. lol!!

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