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Saturday, February 25

random stuff

Hey there!

It's Saturday.
I usually don't post on Saturdays.

Mark took Maddox to his very first baseball practice. ever.
He will be so cute in that little uniform!
Mark just text me to say, Maddox stopped practicing and he wants us to 'sign him off' of baseball!
That's what I like to hear after I payed the registration fee!!

I made Cake Batter RiceKrispie treats for the team.
Because I'm the cool mom, like that.
Yes. I said Cake Batter.
And yes. They are SO good.
I will never buy store bought rice krispie treats ever again.
All you do is add some (recipe says 1/3 cup I think. I added about 1/2) to your melted, buttery marshmallows and continue as normal. You won't be sorry.

I made a Pin the Fin on the Shark game for the party coming soon.
Mark is working on his own project for the party.
Except he thought we were going to buy little plastic pieces for 1.30 each for EACH kids project.
18 kids later.  Ummm..No.
I am guiding him along.

I made Chicken and Beef Enchiladas.
And Turkey Cheese Pockets. Except I used ham.
I also made muffins.
Rice Kripie treats.
and Chocolate Chip cookies.
Sometimes I get in a cooking, baking mood.
Do you?
Too bad it's never at dinnertime that I feel like cooking anything.
I really despise dinnertime.
Tonight, we are using our Zaxby's Groupon.

Tanner is napping.
Emma is at the neighbor's house.
It's really quiet here.

I'm thinking of tearing up one of my GW paintings that I got awhile back and
making it a chalkboard instead. How many chalkboards is too many?
The painting means nothing to me.
I don't even love it.
So why is it hanging in my house and I have to look at it everyday.
I think I better get on to tearing that up.

I ordered curtains for my LR downstairs from IKEA.
I can't wait to get them.
They will get hung just in time for party company.

Oh! I went to the flea market yesterday.
And froze to death.
BUT found some great stuff!!
So it was worth it.

That's it for me.
That was alot of rambling.

Have a great weekend.
It's sunny here, but I could use some warmer temps!!
3 weeks til our beach trip!!

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