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Tuesday, February 21

the weekend..

The kids slept all together
on the bonus room pull out couch for 3 nights.

Saturday morning.
Laying around.
Homemade Biscuits.

Shopping at Target with Tanner.
He's my best little kid yet for shopping.
One bag of m&m's will get'cha through the whole store.
And his blankie.
Lately, when we get out of the van, going anywhere,
He says, "need that."

Gah! Don't you just love Target?
Me too!
I could spend lots in there.

Look! I got this exact clock at GW for -not 34.99-
but $9.99 and it hangs in my kitchen today.

Since re-arranging my LR furniture, there's a big blank space.
I like to entertain.
I like for my company to have places to sit.
Although they don't always sit, they STAND in.my.kitchen.
Anyway, I want this chair.
I think.
Tanner's was climbing out so he could sit in it.
I actually need two and guess what??
Target sales 2 on the website.
Like as a package deal!
I can.not. get Mark to understand how great that is!
Do you like it?
Do you have dark fake leather furniture?
Do you love it? hate it?
I figured I could just wipe it clean for the most part....?

I saw this in the Dollar Spot.
Maybe think of HER.

And one last note.
Have you seen the kids' party section at Target???
Good grief.
I must admit, its pretty good.
Kinda bummed me out.
Seeing as how I just opened my OWN PARTY BUSINESS!!

Oh, well.
I'm not scared of YOU Target!
I have PLENTY to offer that you can't
find in the aisles at Target!
Like homemade, crafted, unique and personalized parties!
(and sugar cookies)

Okay, I'm done.
Yay, my mom is coming today!
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