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Thursday, February 2

What's been happening...

Tanner has been napping on the floor or couch downstairs.
Usually not on a Wii remote.
He is climbing out of his bed for all naptimes now.
So this is easier.
He gets a good hour or hour and half in.
I'm cool with it.
It's cute.
He needs a big boy bed.
(I think.) At his age, the others were already in 'big' beds.
But he's the last ....so....there.

We've been at the library every week or so.
We read a lot of books around here.
Like 10 a day.
It's nice to have a new selection.
Plus the library is one free hour of entertainment for the boys!

I moved the bookshelf from Emma's room into the playroom.
Emma got something new that I promise to show you next week.
I like it in here.
I also got a CandyLand rug at GW this week for
wait for it....
$1.99! Brand new. Oh, yeah.
It's now in front of the shelf.
So cute.
You really should shop at GW.
Even my friend/ crafty neighbor/ that will remain nameless goes
there now. Ha! She even bought shoes. I saw it with my own eyes.

Madd and I often fill our days with games.
He likes games and I like games.
Much better than playing pretend.
I don't cheat so he can win...well, only on CandyLand 
because it's so fun to stack the deck on that game.
They have no idea. Hilarious.

My vacuum seems to be out all the time lately.
I vacuum one room and then it sits there.
And then another room the next day.
Still sits.
That's not like me.

Maddox can read all his blends.
That makes me smile.
Doesn't mean he's going to the big K this year.
We haven't decided.

Emma has been reading the Junie B. Jones series.
She is determined to read them all.
She has finished 11. (?)
12 more to go.
I got her this one (up there) today at the library.
She finished it before bed tonight.
Umm..Twizzlers makes mouths happy. (?)
Madd loves Twizzlers.

We made our own pizza tonight.
First time ever.
The kids loved doing it.
The boys and I liked it.
Emma not so much.
She has been a hard one to change from eating food
to healthier food. She turns her nose at all the new stuff I buy.
But I will keep buying it. Mark probably didn't like it much either.
He didn't say anything. 
Tanner went diving.

Gotta go!

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