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Friday, March 30

planting, sand, and snacks

I went shopping.
For flowers.

My ferns are back!
I couldn't be happier about that.
I always get the big ones.
I would regret if I didn't.
I love how they fill up the whole space.

I always struggle a little trying to figure out what to put in my
urns by the front door. 
This year I found everything already
mixed for me.

They are full of vines, blooms, other stuff I don't
know the name of.
They are just beautiful. 

Speaking of planting.
This is what my garden looked like.

I got in there and dug all the weeds out and turned
the dirt a little. We are adding compost this weekend and
then the fun part comes! planting!

My garden area was somewhat of a mess
last year because of the grass surrounding the beds.
This year I have a different plan.
I hope to show you next week!

Mark bought a BRAND NEW weed eater!!
If you know Mark, you are blown away right now.
I begged him.
He started the year, again, talking about getting
his weed eater working. Ughhhhhhhh!!!
So I personally drove him all over town to
try to find one. He finally found this on is lunch
break this week. I am happy. No more weed eater woes!
He didn't know, but I gave his other one to GW before he
actually bought this one. Shhhh.

We got new sand for the sand box.
The boys are loving it!
Now we just have to remember to keep the lid on.

Don't you love a warm warm spring!?
me too.
I 've been wearing dresses and flip flops.
my favs.
And eating this salad for lunch almost everyday.
So good.

I bought Oreos.
I never do.
Stupid Walmart put them on the middle isle.
I had to!
The kids eat the whole pack in 3 days.

I taught them to dunk it!

They had Oreos.
(i had a few)
But mostly I have been satisfying my chocolate craving
with these.

I keep them up high and concealed so the kids won't eat them all.

Have a great weekend!
I am so happy to be scrappin' with my ladies tonight.
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