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Wednesday, April 4

Today is Wednesday

Nothing special today. really.
It's 7:50am and both my boys are still sleeping.
Praise the LORD.
They are usually awake between 7:00-7:15.
I don't mind them waking up early.
They played outside all day yesterday.
ALL day.
So they were tired.
Emma had a game and it was bath night so they didn't go to bed until 8:30.
I know. For some of you that's normal.
If my kids are up at 7am - 12 hours later- is long enough.
Kids need sleep.
I need sleep.

Emma did well at her game last night.
Wouldn't you know, right after I say Maddox has 'clicked' with baseball,
He refuses to play.
The entire game. Monday night.
He stood by the dugout and mostly cried the whole time.
He was exhausted before we ever got there.
He had been to school, then played outside, then hit his head on the driveway which
made him start crying and he wouldn't stop. ever. He ate dinner but he cried all the
way through it.
He fell asleep on the way home from the game and slept until 7am.
Yes. We stayed the whole game.
Because I know my stubborn, strong willed child.
And I know what would happen if I let him leave every time he cries.
No picture of said fit.
You're welcome.

I have an order for cupcakes today.
Madd has school.
Tanner and I will mostly hang out here.

I put all my scrapbook stuff on my dinning room table last Saturday.
It's still there. I 'm leaving it.
I am determined to get caught up.

I may paint my powder room today.
I already did once.
But never really liked.
It needs help.
It bugs me.

Well, Maddox has crept down now and is cuddle on the
couch beside me. Watching cartoons.
I must go.
Have a great day.

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