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Thursday, May 24

at the pool

Today was the perfect day at the pool.
The wind was blowing.
The water was warm, yet refreshing.
The sun was shining.

My mom left this morning, so me and the boys
went to the pool for a few hours!
So fun.
They played so well together.
Maddox wore himself out swimming like a fish.
We had hot dogs under the umbrella.
I worked with Tanner on swimming and
guess what?? He started jumping in!
To me, of course.
But he was going under every time.

That was big progress and gives me hope
that he will learn to swim this summer!

I read.
swam some.
sat on the chair mostly.
And completely enjoyed myself!

Poor Emma.
She's in school still.

That's okay.
We'll be here all summer.

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amanda persinger said...

And here...i hope ; ) Go tanner! Maybe him and Avery will learn together ha!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."