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Friday, June 8


My kids love them.

Tanner really loves them.
He throws sticks and rocks in the fire.

We got a new sprinkler.
Though my kids usually opt for the pool.
It's a fun sprinkler and they like it.
Instead of the lawn sprinklers.

I read this.
Don't waste your time.

I didn't know the movie was rated R.
Or I would not have read the book.
I take full blame for reading the whole thing.
It was too much of my time for the story that it was.
Not that great.
I don't watch rated R movies.
It's not worth my time.
Junk in and Junk out in my opinion.
In 5 years it won't matter that I didn't see the 'latest and greatest'
movie that EVERYONE else is seeing.....or book that they are reading.
It WILL matter what example I set for my kids.
If we don't have our own standards, if we just
do whatever everyone else is doing then what are we
teaching our kids!! What will we say when they are teens
and bring that back on us. "Everyone else is doing it MOM!"
That's my opinion and this is my blog, so I can write my opinion.

I am now reading this.
It's pretty good.
Not the typical Karen Kingsbury story.

Sorry for the lack in post.
Picasa and blogger have not been getting along.
So I am trying to catch up.
Stay tuned for more post.
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amanda persinger said...

I can't believe YOU read that!!! Shame on you!!! Ha!ha! We watched the movie and it was a little unsettling with me.

Sue said...

I love that you are setting standards for your children. Too many parents just fly by the seat of their pants. Kudo's to Heather and Mark. You won't regret it!!!
God Bless!!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."