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Thursday, July 5

at the dr. office

Tanner had to go the doctor.
What do you do when you are waiting,
for a long, long time in that tiny little hot room?

Emma took her American Girl. Her and Maddox
pretended to 'doctor' her for awhile.
Maddox did dot.to.dot for awhile.
But he finished the whole book!

Tanner sat in my lap at first.
(because he is scared of doctors and their tools)
See his infected eye?

Then we played hide the chicken.

But there wasn't too many hiding places.

I also brought toys in my purse.

With all that, waiting was still too long and
got a little crazy what with that spinning twirling doctors seat and
loud wrinkly paper on the table. Not to mention under the table
(yick!) which is apparently a great hideout.

Then we went to Target to get Icee's and pretzels because
Tanner didn't cry at.all. I was so proud of him!
And completely relieved.
Last time he screamed and cried from the time
the waiting room door swung open and they called,

What do you do while waiting at the Dr. office?
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