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Monday, July 23

Random Monday

Saturday Mark and I drove to Atlanta to shop at IKEA!
It was so much fun.
I love that store.

We bought bunkbeds.
Now we are priming and painting them in the garage.
When Mark opened the box, he says,
"Whoa! that's ALOT of wood!"
We are moving Tanner into Maddox's room soon.

I decided to touch up the paint on my dining room
chairs. It was chipping badly.

So now my dining room looks like this.

See my new IKEA curtains?
I love them!
I have plans for the chair pads, table base and table top too.

Tanner has discovered online gaming.
He loves Sesame Street's Lemonade Stand.
When Maddox asks for a turn, Tanner always says,
" I ahmost done."

Oh, and my older two are doing math online.
A website called XtraMath.
My friend Janna told me about.
They ASK me to do math everyday!
Go check it out and do some math.


Swim lessons are over.
Tanner couldn't be happier about that.

The 1st week we peeked through the gate and tried not
to let him see us. I was thinking, if he saw us he would cry and cry.
The 2nd week he ask me to wait for him at the table.
in the pool area.
I tried it.
Thinking it wouldn't work and he would cry for me or
worse just get out of the pool and come to me,
but he did great.
He just did as he was told and waved at us from the side of the pool.
I am so proud of him.
He did really well this year!


I am working my way through this Bible study.
Do it.
It is SO good.

Last week, Emma wore this too small leotard for 3 days straight.
We haven't touched the hair all summer.

Need to kill some time?
One can of shaving cream, some buckets and a sprinkler.
Kept them busy for at least an hour.

At first it was a carwash.

Then it was for drawing.

Then we turned on the sprinkler and the fun continued.

And, yeah, that's Emma in the leotard.
In the front yard.

Last week Emma made a To-Do list all on her own.

Isn't that so cute?
Notice #9 says 'help mom'
 but it's the only one that doesn't say EMMA help mom.
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