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Sunday, September 16

Bobcat Bash -n- Dash

The kids school fund raiser was called the
Bobcat Bash -n- Dash.  Tanner and I went to help
out and watch my sweeties run laps.
It was really fun.
Kindergarten went first.

Maddox had a good time.

The last few laps you could take your family around with you.
Tanner was so excited to go with him.
I was excited to take the pictures.

MaddyCakes was happy we came!


His friend Wyatt.

Tanner and I were on water station duty.
He was such a good helper.
For real.
He filled alot of cups and then he picked up the trash
the runners left behind.
What a sweetie.

Maddox 'brother' Jackson.
They call each other brother.
Isn't that cute?
He just met this little kid in kindergarten.

Then it was Emma's turn.
She was glad we came.
She ran 12 laps.

Tanner went around with her too.
He loved it.
Her friends like that she has a little brother.

How did my baby girl, my first, get this big?
Oh my heart.
We had a great time.
Those kids raised lots of money for their school!
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