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Tuesday, September 4

Random Tuesday

Talent show.
We have lots of these.
Apparently tanner won for something.

Favorite spot on the blanket.

Mark did this to the wall.
(more on that later)

Maddox is reading!!
I (heart) his teacher.

Pancakes for breakfast.
You have to dip the syrup not pour it.
I don't know why. But everything matters when you're almost 3.

Nesting has been great.
I completely cleaned out the linen closet.

Even made cute little labels.

Consignment is almost finished.
I'm ready to shop!
Squash from my garden.
Which I used to make this recipe that I found on Pinterest.
It was SO yummy.
I made strawberry cake.
Because I had a craving.

Happy 8th LEGO Birthday to Braden! 
He had a swim party.
kind of.
It came a thunderstorm.
So then, it was a movie party!

Emma and Halle.
I love these two.
I told Halle we were naming the baby
Halle #2. I think she kind of believed me.

That was random. 

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For this moment is your life."