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Wednesday, September 12

Random Wednesday

I just finished this book.
It is a good one.
Really good one.
Thanks Tammy.
I now need new suggestions.

Last week, Emma made her famous fried chicken for us.
It is so yummy! We all love it.
Her secret (I don't think she would mind me saying)
is that she rolls the chicken in cornmeal instead of flour.

Random Pictures from my hijacked camera.

Look at Maddox behind that tree.
hee hee

I made this!

With my friends help.
You want one?
You can make one with us at Craft Camp.

Maddox is doing so well in school.
We are so proud of him!
He has a really great teacher.

I made an afterschool list.
A must do before t.v. time!
I had to.
I was tired of the whinning.
Now they know, this is what we are doing.
I have since added counting money to Emma's math
days and reading to Maddox's Tuesdays and Fridays.
(Try XtraMath! We love it.)

Do you get lots of invitations?
We do.
Parties, surprise talent shows, school plays, concerts....
Sometimes you need a ticket.
Sometimes you don't .
Sometimes you just need your name on 'the list'.
Sometimes you have to participate!
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