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Monday, October 15

Fall Break 2012

Carved pumpkins with our friend Grant.
(we also went bowling with Grant)

Really enjoyed not having a schedule.
(Emma's new build a bear)

Lots of yard work for Tanner and Mark.
6 new shrubs, mowed the lawn, and 4 new trees planted.

Tanner found worms.
and frogs.

Hotel Transylvania movie with your cousins.

playing together.

Just dance 4!!
So fun.
and funny to watch.

The first week my mom was here all week.
The last week our bff neighbor's 'meme' was here all week.
My kids secretly think she is also their meme because
she is just so super duper fun.
The kids had a blast playing together.
Weather was perfect.

Lots of kickball games!

It can get a little competitive.

Saturday Fall Festival

Once again, they rode.
I guarded all the candy.
More messes than usual.

We had a great fall break.
Awesome weather!
And I am so thankful, daily, that my children have
all of these truly wonderful neighbors and friends
to play with!
Great memories!

Last pregnancy update - 38 weeks, 4 days.
Same time I delivered with Tanner.
And it's a full moon tonight. Just saying.
Went to the dr. this morning.
Still at 3cm.
But 50% effaced.
Baby could come anytime she is ready!
But we will definitely see her on Friday!!
Thanks for your prayers.
Oh! One more thing....
Last date night for awhile.
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