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Sunday, October 28


First Bottle.

She took it like a pro.
I was a little sad about that.
I always am when they drink from a bottle.
It wasn't formula, anyway.
I love nursing my babies.
And all my babies have loved to nurse.
Especially in these first few weeks and months.
It's so important. For her and me!

But I know (4th time around) that for me to be
successfull at nursing her for as long as I
am wanting to, then she needs to be familiar with
a bottle. That's just what works for my family.
So Mark gave her her first bottle and she
didn't seem to mind. The kids were excited because
now that want to help feed her.

First Doctor Visit.

Yay Meredith!!
6lbs 11oz!
She was born at 6lbs. 8oz..
Checked out of the hospital at 6lbs 4oz.
And gained a total of 7 oz in 5 days!!
We were so proud of her.
It's a good feeling to know your babies are
healthy and growing.
We were rootin' for her to be past her
birth weight because all of our babies have
passed their birth weight by their 1 week visit.
She only had 5 days instead of 7.
Way to girl baby girl!
She likes her milk.

First Bath.
I didn't get pictures of the actually bath.
The camera was down stairs and we were up.
But trust me, it was VERY cute!
She loved it. No crying.
I will take pictures of her second bath and we will
pretend it's her first. Sometimes you do those things
when there is 4 kids worth of chaos involved.
But I did take pictures post bath.

I love how babies have fluffy after bath hair!
So I put a bow in it.

She liked it.
And then she went to sleep!
I love this girl.

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