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Wednesday, November 21

black friday deal

I will admit, it has been a challenge to get
the kids interested in devotionals on a regular,
consistent basis like we would want them to be.

A lady at our church gave us a box full of
books and this one was in there. It is the
BEST kids Bible that we have ever had.
The kids really love it.
Maddox was captured by it from the first pages.
He goes to find it every night to have Mark read another
story or two...or three!

Anyway, It is regular $16.99 but you can
get one at LifeWay on Black Friday for only

Even if you are not a Black Friday shopper,
LifeWay usually isn't a mad house like other places.
You would have to deal with traffic, I guess.
This would be a great gift for families on your list
or a great addition to your own families library.

If you get it, let me know what you think.
I always hate when I tell people how wonderful
something is and then they think it's crappy.
So if you think it's crappy, sorry!
It's only $5.99. Pass it on!
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