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Thursday, November 29

Countdown to Christmas

Here is our countdown calender for this year.
This is not our advent calender.
I will post that later.
Advent starts Sunday December 2nd.
Countdown Calender begins Saturday, Dec. 1st.

I wanted something simple.
something out of the way.
not sitting around.
I cleared the bulletin board above the piano and
decided to use that space.
I bought these cute little polka dot envelopes at
JoAnn craft store in the Martha Stewart section.
I think they were 3.99 with 30% off.
You could use a coupon and get them cheaper.
You will need two packs.

Then I stamped them.
You could use a sharpie if you don't have stamps
or use stickers and let your kids do it.

Next tuck little notes in for each day revealing
something fun to do, play, go see, or open.

Here's some things that we always include:
Christmas Parade
drive thru Christmas lights
Make gingerbread house
bake Christmas cookies
opry mills hotel visit
scavenger hunt around the house to find a small toy
any birthday parties we are going to in December
library trips
making bird feeders for backyard
make treats for friends at school
play dates with friends

I recommend that you write down somewhere else
what is in each envelope so if you need to switch things around
you can do that easily.

I like it.
And we can use it again and again.

Merry Christmas.
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Terena said...

Very cute! And special treats (aka frosted cookies)for the pastor's wife for birthday/christmas/going away present :) I will miss those!!!!

Love you!!!

Very cute idea!!

amanda persinger said...

love it!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."